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Reinforced sailcloth

region mediates the difference in stiffness between these two catheter regionsKevlar 49 Yarn (DuPont) encased within heat shrink medical grade TFE Teflon

Projectile firing device using liquified gas propellant

3 of 5. em> 2. A projectile firing device as claimed in aluminum/KEVLAR laminate with a TEFLON coated bore

Track system for tow-line conveyors

(2), 0.5 to 5.5 wt % of (b)(3), 7 to 11 wt % of (b)(4Then, 5 parts of Teflon powder and 1 part of fluorinated Kevlar®

Adhesion, Part II

Adhesion, Part IIThe article focuses on adhesion testing adequate for It is required to place a piece of Teflon® tape or Kevlar®

Fiber-Hydrogel Composite for Tissue Replacement

FIG. 12a depicts a SEM of PVA-Kevlar composite, in which a cross hatchtwo microscope glass slides with a Teflon spacer and securing the assembly

High performance superelastic alloy braid reinforced catheter

2 which is prepared by spirally winding an (for instance: PTFE, FEP, vinylidene fluoride, polyaramids (e.g., KEVLAR) and carbon fibers

Abrasion-resistant protective cover

2, a first preferred embodiment of the sock 10 is there shown having a Kevlar and Teflon, manufactured by DuPont, and Spectra, manufactured by

Surface improving process

glass-fibre- or Kevlar-reinforced teflonized bands (usable up to 260° C If, for example, a two-component polyurethane system is applied to the

Multilayer Insulation Material Guidelines

osilicone)withoneside aluminized adhesivoen,eside[2] Teflonb,acked [3]Teflonc,oated ThicknesMaterial Double Nomex Laminate Kevlar/KaplonLaminate

Hose for fluids pulsating at high pressure and frequency and

3. The hose assembly of claim 2, wherein (PTFE), the polymer of fluorinated ethylene of a para-aramid, preferably KEVLAR® (DuPont)

Teflon[R] coated fiberglass Kevlar[R] belts.

Rocket motor insulation and like made with thin tacky ribbon

two sheets of the elastomer and when covering Mandrel 14 has a thin coating of Teflon Kevlar fiber and the epoxy case winding resin

Fiber optic fabric

Kevlar, carbon, and cotton, said non-optical [epoxy, latex, Teflon and a combination thereof;The Rayleigh criterion states that two point

Bracket and spine mounted cornice and method of use

5. The wall treatment of claim 2, further fiber glass, cotton, Gore-Tex, Kevlar, or (EVOH), fluoroplastics, such as PTFE, FEP,

Fan case design with metal foam between Kevlar

Fan case design with metal foam between KevlarA fan blade fragment A friction reduction layer of Teflon™ is mounted on an outer surface of

Material for protecting sheet metal during the sheet metal

sailcloth, paper, rubber, Kevlar®, and polyvinylchloride (PVC), polyurethane and teflon-two, further resulting in rough and distorted


—r \ / 15° % / 166 j 2 16D 170 effectively encasing the opening 166 of the (PTFE), polyester, polya mide, aramid (Kevlar

Chemical and hydrographic measurements in the eastern Pacific

bottle data from Kevlar casts (biological ( 137 2( 138 2( 139 2( 140 1( 30.01 59 the Teflon endcaps were also rinsed and


(biaxially oriented polypropylene), teflon, urethanetwo thirds of the first and second lateral Kevlar or aramid fiber, boron, titanium,


PTFE, PTFE homopolymers, PTFE copolymers, organicKEVLAR®; KEVLAR® aramid pulp, style 1 F and under the EnPol® tradename by the Ire

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