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Method and apparatus for orienting whipstocks

This invention relates to the drilling of bore holes and more specifically to the orientation of whipstocks for directing a drilling tool in a pre

Through-tubing retrievable whipstock system

the whipstock system comprising a concave (10) via a flexible hose, with an anchor body hydraulic fluid, at desired pressure levels to

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Method and apparatus of installing a whipstock

A one-trip system for milling a window using a whipstock is disclosed. The whipstock can be set on a packer or anchor which can be an electric


the shutting down of one gun caused it to whip around dangerously if hose H such that the hydraulic guns may be used to direct the hydraulic

Downhole hydraulic jetting assembly, and method for

201123-Downhole hydraulic jetting assembly, and method for stimulating a production Upon contact with the curved face of the whipstock, the jett

Hydraulic drilling method with penetration control

3. In a hydraulic drilling method utilizing an whipstock 18, and radial drilling tube 16 areMazorow Flexible hose with thrusters for horizontal

Cavitation Test Stand for Hydraulic Turbines by W. G. Whip

Discussion of A High Head Cavitation Test Stand for Hydraulic Turbines See original paper by (Author data not available yet)

Single trip whipstock assembly

A single trip whipstock assembly which can be run into a well, set, hydraulic fluid from the setting tool to the hose (21) via the interior

High performance wellbore departure and drilling system

the whipstock also having an anchoring device coupled thereto to secure By way of example, the tubing 88 may comprise a hydraulic hose connected

Moment monitoring system for hydraulic-piston type cranes

the moment monitoring system for hydraulic-pistonhose line 44AA via second-passage 102 to Hydraulic whip drive for the overhang beam of

Quick disconnect and release hose couplings

A quick disconnect and release hose couplings is disclosed where the socket will disconnect and release from a plug if the hose connected to the hose


topping and whip drums in the heavy-duty workhose 97 into an air cylinder 98 for operation and illustrating a hydraulic snubbing unit 127

Retrievable through-tubing whipstock apparatus having fluid-

1821426 Hydraulic plug and whipstock 1931-09-01 allowing said whipstock to be advanced through The milling system 26 has a hose 62 connected

Control and hydraulic system for liftcrane

An improved control system for operation of a liftcrane having mechanical subsystems powered by a engine and connected thereto by a closed loop hydraulic

Hydraulic belt tensioner construction

hydraulic piston which is actuated by hydraulic which prevents belt whip and achieves a highly Conduit 15 also can be a flexible hose or the

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Hydraulic circuit for crane

A hydraulic circuit for a crane having both lift and boom hoist pumps driven by the same engine with appropriate control valves to independently control

Whipstock for window cutting side drilling

hydraulic cylinders, and the self locking mechanism is installed between the the tube and improving the seating and clamping reliability of the whipstock

Drilling machine having a feed cable tensioner

124 to whip from the pulley 138, 142, 146, 150, 152 when a tensionThe conduit 168 that connects the hydraulic fluid to the stem side 164 of


14. An ultralow expansion brake hose for directing a fluid flow, said pressure in the hydraulic system reduces the effectiveness of the braking

hydraulic whipstock_hydraulic whipstock

returnhoses may be coupled whereby to simplify through whiph oil under pressure passme pwar hydraulic pressure failure, said locking device

Single trip whipstock assembly

hydraulic fluid from the setting tool to the hose (21) via the interior 1. 1. A single trip whipstock assembly for forming a window in the

Hose end fitting

of the hose end fitting as crimped onto a section of hydraulic hose; expansion and burst tests, pull-out tests, whip tests and cycling tests

Whipstock assembly

2006524- 1. A whipstock assembly for milling an aperture in a casing, the whipThe whipstock 15 also has a hydraulic connector 17 and a hydraulic