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Engine/steam generator with afterburner

at least one engine/steam generator having a [R1 (R2)XR3]+Y, wherein each of R1, R2 The outer pipe (115) contains the hoses (100)

Impingement and Entrainment at the Comanche Peak Steam

N =SN --N ae e F where: Na = number ofR1«i-lrf«il Shmw Notropii atherinoides Proposal to conduct Comanche Peak Steam Electric

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Durable antisoiling coatings for textile filaments

at ratios of about 2 mols of terpolymer to 1 R1 R2 R3 N, pyridine, N-methyl pyrrole, N-less than 2% concentration by steam distillation;

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Steam generator

A steam generator for efficiently generating fine steam particles is provided. Water supplied from a water tank is heated by a heater to generate steam

Method and apparatus for cleaning medical, paramedical and

in particular angle pieces and connecting hoses at least a part of the steam supplied for the(R1-Rn) for the receipt of fluids passed

Process for preparing diaryl carbonates or alkyl aryl

(Z) and at the same time one or more middle where R1 and R2 are each, independently of a heating medium, for example heating steam

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Treatment of idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura

2009819- Salmonella typhose, Salmonella typhimurium, (I) include those wherein one or more of R1,(5 mL) on a steambath for fortyfive minutes

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steam activation at different temperatures from extracted ro

2 consider the sequence ρr, r = 0, 1, .(r1r2), with r1, r2 ∈ R[x], to address steam (flow of water controlled to generate the


20060089518 Steam-cracking of modified naphtha is carried out by bringing at least a portion1 to 30 carbon atoms; R1 and R2 are hydrocar

Catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons over modified ZSM-5

with the conventional steam cracking process [3].at the beginning 1 h of the reaction decreased The ZSM-5 zeolite improves the pro- RH R1H

Hydrocurable oxazolidine polyanhydride compositions

at least two and is equal to the valence of STR1## where R is an organic radical; R1 is stainless steel immersion coil for steam heating,

Gelable compositions and use thereof in steam treatment of

2007419-A gelable composition is provided which can be injected into a well prior to steam treatment of the well. The composition comprises water, a

Hydrogen Production by Ethanol Steam Reforming (ESR) over CeO

Schematic representation of the reaction network in the ethanol steam reforming1 0 0 H2 CO CO2 CH4 C2H4 C2H6 9 0 Fe/CeO2 8 0 C H O H c o

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Compositions to mitigate coke formation in steam cracking of

cracking furnaces such as ethylene steam crackers. R1R2CH2; R1R2R3R4(C4S); and R1R2R3R4R5 teach that the metals Sn, Ti, Sb, Ga, Ge,

Steam reforming hydrocarbons

Designated state(s): AT BE CH DE FR GB IT 199061 NLR1 Nl: opposition has been hydrocarbon feedstock with steam and/or carbon

Hydrocurable compositions containing poly-oxazoline groups

##STR1## wherein: (1) Q is a sigma bond R1, R2, R3 and R4 are, independently, hydrogensteam into a high humidity oven at a temperature

Manufacture of xylenes by reactive distillation of reformate

(b) methylating at least a portion of the steam cracking of hydrocarbons to produce aromatic wherein R1 is hydrogen, fluoride, hydroxy,

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1. A steam restricter adapted to be retrofitted into an existing steam from the room R1 being heated and discharges air, indicated by arrows A3

Steam evolving device

2012820- 1. A steam evolving device (1) characterized R1-(O-R2)n-O-CO-R3 (wherein R1 and R3 Sn, Ti, Cr, Ce, Zr, Ca, Ta, and Nb,

Copolymers of ethylenically unsaturated and polyethylene-

steam generating systems comprising the use of a ##STR1## wherein R1 is H or lower (C1 14(b) at least one topping agent selected from