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242 GHAFOURI KESBI et al.: Estimation of directThis was presumably due to the poor quality of Acknowledgements Hosein Mohammadi is gratefully

Latent class analysis reveals clinically relevant atopy

Hose AJ, Depner M, Illi S, Lau S, Keil T, Wahn U, Fuchs O, Braun-Fahrlander C, Frei R, Kaulek V, Dalphin ML, Doekes G, Blumer

Demographic and Social Traits of Infertile Men Visiting the

Kesbat, ShivaNateghi, BahramAhmadishouli, ArmanBadakhshan, MaryamHamadiyan, Hosein

Suction head, sucker and method for storing a suction hose of

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Working tool and machine

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will be best understood by reference to the following detailed description hose, a vent opening screen 46 would prevent entry of the hose into vent

Flexible exhaust line for motor vehicles

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2008619- STRUMPFHOSE. German Patent DE1897902 Kind Code: U Application Number: DEH0048225U Publication Date: 08/06/1964 Filing Date: 04/07/196

Pressure beam for belt sander

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Stainless Steel Interlock Handheld Shower Hose, Oil Rubbed

KES I3200-7 Extended Length Replacement 79-Inch Stainless Steel Interlock Handheld Shower Hose, Oil Rubbed Bronze - - Tools Home Improvemen

Computational fluid dynamics analysis on the added resistance

fluid dynamics method and solving the Reynolds-averaged Naviertokes Hosein DalayeliYuri Mikhailovich KorolAtaollah GharachahiProceedings of the

i.e. ring, for e.g. jewelry piece, has wire fabric hose

20081220-The object has a wire fabric hose (16) divided into hose sections by a cutting device (18) and comprising wires (14) that are made from prec

Clothing for wheel-chair user

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Locking device for a pluggable cable or hose connection.

Locking device for a pluggable cable or hose connection.SCHUTZANSPROCHE1. ·ale des Rastenblok kes (1) In L·angsrichtung bewegitch, verdrehsi

Fluid operated actuator

2001115- The operating device (1) activated by fluid feed has a contraction hose tung 18 ist unmittelbarer Bestandteil des betreffenden Kopfst·u

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SM Elhoseiny, DS Morgan, KES Elhadidy - 2013 - polymorphism is more prevalent in ITP patients; thus, it may be considered as a

Hose for conveying a liquid medium

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Daisy and the Trouble with Life

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Method of making extruded plastic members

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Insulation of a hose and/or pipe coupling

Insulation of a coupling between pipes or hoses or between pipes and hoses comprises a pair of connecting coupling halves (15-18) each with a metal

End fitting for a flexible metal hose

hose (8) and the inner compression ring (5).·uck bestimmte Endpartie eines biegsamen, Verbindungsst·uckes 1 mit einem weiteren Bauteil

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4. Chen RC, khorsandi AS, Shatzkes DR, Holliday RA. The radiology of Taziki Mohammad HoseinDepartment of Otorhinolaryngology, Golestan University of

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(91% and 70% of the best efficiency point (Naviertokes (RANS) models cannot resolve theHosein Foroutan and Savas Yavuzkurt 2014 Flow